My name is Amanda Chandler. I live Newhope, Arkansas. About 8 months ago Ray Pierce gave me a vehicle magnet. I have had many comments about the magnet ever since I have put the magnet on my vehicle, I feel like the spirit of GOD has moved in our family and others. We sold some land we had for sale for 4 years, answered prayer that my sister and brother in law were back sliders and now have answered GODs call, my mom did not go to church for 25 years and now she never misses and has read the whole bible from front to back, we read the bible almost every night together as a family. This magnet lets every vehicle I meet know who this family stands for. The magnet is a frequent topic of conversation in our family. The magnet convicts others that see it and it also convicts me everytime I look at it.

A while back I contacted you about getting a billboard sign and my flesh got in the way so i did not follow through with it. Since then i have had 10 requests for vehicle magnets.

Thank you so much for your ministry. GOD has used your ministry to touch my life. This ministry gives Glory to our King Jesus.

Amanda Chandler, Newhope Arkansas


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