Here's the story I wanted to tell you about. God has always Blessed Paul and I first with our relationship with each other, then in our finances, and finally in our business.
We've always known that God put us together. It's hard when you are with someone 24/7, and you even have a business and work together. God has to really be in it! God has always, and continues to Bless our finances, but never more than since we have been donating the ad space on our billboards for the Gods 10 ads.
We had so very many billboards that were available in certain areas due to the economy, and within 48 hours of the first 2 ads going up, the phone started to ring again, and ring and ring! What amazed us even more was that when we put up the 10 Commandment ads, the prospective advertisers would call and mention purchasing, Yes, you guessed it, up to 10 different billboard locations!

This happened on more than 1 occasion in the same week.

Trina and Paul Bailey Bailey's Outdoor Advertising

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