Philip of the 6 banners that I bought I have 1 left.. Magnets are doing well I was at Wal-Mart Saturday night and a man saw the Magnets ( 5-6 ) on my truck he bought 1 and I got to witness to him.Then another man came over and all 3 of had a Good time in the Lord.This third man was a pastor of a Church in my area. As it turned out the first man had gotten away from the Lord. I asked this man if he would like to pray right now, he replied YES ..Here we are 3 men at Wal-Mart 8:30 at night wind blowing ,cold .Praying for this man ,he came back to our Lord.. Praise GOD for this victory... And thanks to you Philip for the Magnrts that you make avaliable . " Victory in Jesus "

Mickey Vance


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