My Husband & I just got back from a trip to Pennsylvania & New York to see my aging Dad & some cousins that I hadn’t seen in over 40 yrs. Our trip was extremely blessed. But the best part was the people who acknowledged our magnets on the tailgate of my truck. I had a man who has a Christian biker organization ask if you had smaller magnets that would fit on their bike gas tanks or patches for their leathers. I gave him a couple of our business cards & he took down your web address also. There are other 10 commandment signs up in the northern states which is good, but none of them have all 10 on them. I am so glad that God laid this ministry on your heart. We had people honk as they went around us on the freeways, Had one man stop at a stop light & tell us how much he liked our magnets. Praise the Lord for people all over our Nation who are willing to outwardly serve him.

God bless you, Ramona Nichols

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