Dear Phillip,

I praise God for my safe return from my trip to Sierra Leone. It was very
exciting especially the evangelical aspect of it. I presented the large
posters one of them to the Largest church in the country, in which the
senior pastor is a female called Mammy Dumbuya. She was thrilled and
appreciative of such a bibical poster of the largest size she ever saw. Of
course those of the smallest size were grabbed quickly by the pastors
present and I was asked if I had some more. She told me that the poster
would be kept exclusively for revivals and asked me how much it cost. I told
her that It was my contribution to her ministry and that it was not for
sale. I told the pastors present that they could use me or the internet as
points of contacts should they want to order. I gave the other to a smaller
church with some of the 96 Bibles that I had shipped to Sierra Leone.

I will mail copies of the pictures that I took during the presentation when
I have them processed. As a whole my trip was very successful, eventful and
educative. We should look for ways and means of helping them get more of
those posters and magnets. Thanks

Simeon A. Sisay.

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