As we left the beach about 15 minutes after sunset, a guy followed us to the truck. He asked if we were Christians, and we said yes, and introduced ourselves. He said his name was “Thomas .. no doubt!” He said he was “.. not a fan, but a follower.” He proceeded to tell us a jaw dropping tale: He died on December 14th 2008 from a massive heart attack, and was taken dead to the hospital. However, he remembers (as if it was an hour ago) a blinding white light, and the most peaceful feeling while he was “dead”. A voice told him that it was not time for him to go, and he had to “go back”. He awoke in the hospital room as the doctor was bringing in his typed death certificate. After his initial shock, the doctor said he’d never heard of anything like this before, much less actually witnessing it. They wanted to keep him for tests overnight. The tests showed his heart in perfect health, and now the hospital was completely perplexed. After 24 hours of tests, they wanted to run more, but Thomas had to go home. Thomas was eager to find out how to get a magnet for his truck .. and so we gave him one! With God in his life, Thomas is a very happy fellow, and cannot help but share God with others.



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